Optima Batteries Deep Cycle Marine Battery

This is the undisputed leading brand for trolling motor batteries. Its dimensions are 12.8” x 6. 5” x nine. Four” and it weighs more or less 59 pounds. It’s a 12-volt deep cycle battery with 750 cold cranking amps. This blue top battery has a reserve capacity of two hours, ideal for more extended periods of trolling. 

The absorbed glass design presents the battery with mounting flexibility and ease of use. The battery belongs to group 31, with a CCA of 900 and an MCA of 1125A. It operates properly in bloodless climates and extreme weather and packs a useful punch when beginning the engine making it an ideal choice for the ones in temperate climes. It also promises fifteen instances vibration resistance for sturdiness.

The Optima battery is a dual reason battery, meaning it can be used both on deep cycle applications or starting applications. Its patented SPIRALCELL technology is an assurance that it has extra strolling time, may be recharged speedy, and it has longer lifestyles in comparison to marine batteries or any RV batteries. 

Optima batteries are tightly wounded to minimize plate motion and damages as a result of tough situations. It’s also spill-evidence. Subsequently, it's far protection lose in addition to environmentally pleasant. Finally, it has low self-discharge charge; this means that it can sit down for a year without being recharged.


·      Being a set 31 battery places the Optima D31M within the most powerful and maximum powerful group of batteries manufactured and produced by way of Optima.

·        The battery has a two cause utility for both deep biking and cranking that means there may be no want for two separate batteries.

·       The battery is renovation and spills. There isn't any want to pinnacle up the battery with distilled water, and its design lets it be installed in lots of positions without worry.



·        You want to follow the charging manual to the letter. If the battery is overcharged, there is no manner to change the water resulting in a full alternative of the battery being required.

·       When performing a fast recharge, you will need a charger with a maximum of 15.6V and a constant voltage. If the voltage isn't regular, it can lead to everlasting damage to the battery.

Trolling motor battery opinions

Packed with sufficient energy to permit your boat to stay lively for hours, this motor battery is likewise high on protection because it has a thick plastic outdoors. With this, it holds the potential to face up to uninvited bumps and jerks that might later affect its operating mechanism.

Interstate DCM0035 can take any angle, any function for the mount. Even it hardly takes time to put in, in particular for its AGM technology. Designed to charge faster in comparison to other batteries, it does now not require any tough and speedy upkeep.

Regarding affordability, this new-age deep cycle battery is pretty reasonably priced than typical a hundred AH batteries. Small boat owners would like thinking about Interstate trolling motor batteries any day for its compact length. In different words, it's far a worth product for mini boats.


Extremely compact and mild in weight that makes it effortless to put in

Quite easy at the pocket


·         Size of the battery is too small

·         Does now not fit all forms of boats

VMAX857 12 Volt 35AH Marine Deep Cycle AGM Battery

How about installing motor batteries that score high on overall performance and coffee on preservation? Wise motorboat proprietors could always do that, and where there is VMAX 857, not anything would leave one disappointed.

If you talk approximately its durability, there's not anything love it because it is available in heavy duty tin-lead alloys.

Consequently, this increases its possibilities to carry out with greater vigor regardless of frequent discharges. First-class trolling motor battery reviews truth, boat owners will love proudly owning this deep cycle battery as this does not require one to check the particular gravity of the electrolyte. To be more precise, there's no need to feature water to those automobiles.

Weighing 25 kilos, it is extraordinarily light in weight and is, therefore, pretty precise for the boat. Besides, it is any day worth considering regarding protection as it is completely spill-evidence. So, there are no possibilities of any leaks like different reasonably-priced batteries.

VMAX 857 additionally has the energy to withstand vibrations that may be resulting from the motor. You can, therefore, give it a tick on protection, specifically for its AGM shape. If night journeys are in your thoughts, VMAX 857 ought to be your deal.


·         Designed to perform heavy-responsibility duties simply

·         Extremely durable for being fabricated from tin-lead alloys

·         Performs with no glitches regardless of common discharges

·         No upkeep required at all just like the addition of water and so forth.

·         Light in weight and pretty portable


·        Fails to maintain the motor charged for long

·        Instructions now not given enough

8027-127 D27M Blue Top Starting Trolling Motor Battery by way of Optima

This trolling motor battery weighs 53.8 kilos, is 12.2 inches wide and eight.7 inches tall and is made with spiral cell technology that uses the purest shape of lead and adds vibration resistance and durability. The cells are very tightly compressed, which also provides for the battery’s vibration resistance and makes it even extra long-lasting.

Optima Batteries 8027-127 D27M BlueTop battery is completely spill-evidence, meaning which you do not need to worry approximately battery acid leaking or spilling onto the ground of your boat. Since the cells are tightly sealed, you are capable of location this battery in virtually any function with none concerns approximately spillage or harm.

It is a dual motive battery, meaning that it can be used for both beginning and cycle the motor. It has a very excessive reserve potential of 140 mins and is a 12 volt, 800-amp battery. This battery is fantastic for those who tournament fish because it lasts pretty sometimes and has high reserve capacity. This battery is likewise fairly clean to install and tends to deliver quickly.


·         For both beginning and biking motor;

·         Longer existence;

·         Vibration resistant;

·         Maintenance-free;

·         Fast charge;


·         Heavy Battery;

MR107 12V 85AH Marine AGM SLA Battery by using Vmaxtank

This battery is extraordinarily durable and durable and is certain to final you among 8 and ten years. It is a 12 Volt battery this is approximately 10 with the aid of eight inches and weighs around 60 kilos.

The Vmaxtanks MR107 12V 85AH Marine AGM has an electrolyte suspension system that guarantees to absorb and store the electrolyte completely, that means it's far spill evidence. This trolling motor battery also does not have any silica gel or other contaminants or pollution, making it a completely secure and non-risky battery.

There isn't any need for adding water or checking the gravity of the electrolyte on this battery, so you haven't any want to fear about maintenance. It may be very surprised and vibration resistant and runs for seven greater hours in line with charge. 

It is usually recommended that you buy a VMAX charger for this battery to make sure that it fees quickly and effectively. It has gotten very wonderful purchaser critiques and comes very extraordinarily encouraged.


·        Heavy Duty;

·        Shock and vibration resistant;

·        Long-lasting;

·        Maintenance-free;


·         No substantial cons;

Bottom Line

Trolling motor batteries come in a ramification of various sizes, and they all have distinct functions. Find the battery that suits on your trolling motor and fits your needs first-rate. Also, recall storing around to find the satisfactory fee to be had and always study patron critiques! Most importantly, have fun fishing!

Top 5 Trolling Motor Battery For Deep fishing

Even if you are an amateur angler the usage of a trolling motor, it's far very crucial to recognize a way to deploy a trolling motor battery. In reality, the ability to hold the charge of those batteries is what makes any tool reachable and well matched for anyone. 

I know which you guys don’t even care a great deal about deciding on the good trolling motor batteryHowever, I’m quite sure which you men can’t stay without them.

How Do They Work?

Honestly, those batteries paintings similar to ordinary ones, however, they may be contained a bit extra. Furthermore, they function a few overall performance boosters, for examples, strong body, larger grids and compartments, AGM generation and so forth.

When it comes to trolling motor batteries, there are quite a few components which could make an entire unit together. There are three major components of a battery together with a cathode, anode, and electrolyte.